We were there for Vodafone’s 30th anniversary!

Challenged by the Central de Informação agency, we celebrate Vodafone’s 30th anniversary together with them!

So, and to make a difference, we implemented our WATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN at the entrance of the event, with animations related to these 30 years, transmitted through water vapor, making it seem that, whoever passed by, entered a new dimension! And despite being water vapor, we guarantee that no one gets wet! 😉

This event also featured our Levitation Display, where we made styrofoam pieces related to the number of years of Vodafone levitate!

This is a solution that stands out for having a more clean and discreet design, which is allied to its futuristic and surprising aspect, which, thanks to its magnetic forces, makes articles between 500 grams and 2 kg levitate.

To Vodafone, a round of applause! 👏
Congratulations! 🎉🎇

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