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3 digital solutions that will make your stand out

The presence of your company at a stand continues to be essential in a communication strategy given the opportunity to get in direct contact with potential customers, understand how the competition works and test new products.

A stand that has been designed with a design that facilitates the entry of visitors and their contact with the products and with a decoration appropriate to the company is the starting point. But it’s not enough. The stand represents an extension of the brand, so you want to convey that your company is not behind technological advances, the best way is to demonstrate it.

The interactive digital solutions are an excellent starting point for a conversation with a visitor as they easily capture the attention of those who pass by your stand. That way, the interaction with the potential customer becomes natural, so you can introduce your products into the conversation in a more dynamic way.


Suspendes Hologram

The 3D Holografic Fan is a device discreet and easy to assemble and makes a strong visual impact. It is one of the solutions that make the most sense in the context of stands at a fair and the content is fully customized. For example, you can make a presentation of your products through the suspended hologram or make the content appear to have some kind of interaction with the stand that surrounds it. The possibilities are endless!




In the context of an exhibition stand, it always makes sense to have a product display, such as the Transparent LCD Display. In short, it consists of a video inserted in a transparent television. Through the implementation of custom graphic animations, it is possible to create interaction with the product on display. Once again, the content is fully customized with the possibility of a transparent screen communicate any type of product, service or information in a differentiating and engaging way.



360º Interactive Glasses Virtual Reality

It is the ideal solution to put the target audience in contact with an experience related to a brand or product as it allows the interaction with visitors (through a game, for example) which is essential as they will more quickly remember the experience that will be associated with the brand, thus having more involvement and emocional connection. Sometimes, bloggers and influencers are invited to attend fairs and know that visually appealing content will be more appreciated by your followers so it is an excellent opportunity to encourage them to participate in the activity you have planned for your stand with the 360º interactive virtual reality glasses without the need to encourage them to share because you know it will naturally happen.


The power of image

with just a few seconds to hold potential customer’s attention, Your stand’s visual communication strategy must be interactively creative while focusing on your company’s product or service, as the objective remains the same: acquiring products, contacts or increasing brand awareness.
During the fair, don’t forget to document the presence of the brand and the stand through photographs and short videos that can feed the brand’s social networks with attractive content that arouses the interest of your followers.
At RSB, we recognize the importance of being aware of the latest in theworld of technologies and we know how to relate it to the stand industry. As our general director said in an interview with Público newspaper:

“What makes a small crowd gather around a stand or an event today may not work. The public is demanding and it’s a good thing it is. Our customers are the first to please and surprise and then we have the public that visits the fair. Our customer’s potential customer. It is a circle, a cycle, a chain of interests that we can never neglect.”

We have all these technologies available for rent and sale and we offer the complete package through a bet on a 360 strategy where we think and create the content that best suits your strategy and deliver the turnkey solution in the place where it is intended.
We want to help you understand what message you are trying to convey with your stand, as well as which are the technological solutions that best suit you. Talk to us!