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3 facs about the Transparent Screen

Are you looking to expose your product in an impactful and differentiating way? We can tell you that you’ve come to the right place! Venture out with us and get to know our Transparent Screen! 😊

What is Transparent Screen?

The Transparent Screen works as an LCD which, as the name implies, is transparent and can be used as a product display.

More and more people hear about highlighting products and services through advertising. RSB has a set of Digital Solutions available to make a difference with impact. And our Transparent Screen works exactly that way!

Do you still curious? So, we present you three curiosities about our Transparent Screen:

1. It is a Solution that can be used in the most diverse events.

Yes, this equipment can be used in formal or informal, corporate, congresses, social events and even be part of the decoration of a stand or showroom of your company company!

2. It works as a product display.

In addition to being able to show completely customized videos or graphic animations, you can place physical products inside this screen. We guarantee that the interaction and feedback received will be completely different than expected! 😉

3. It’s Touch.

In addition to being able to customize as desired, this solution also facilitates the fact that it is touch. Which simplifies communication with the product and with the public through, for example, some games, interactive explanations, among many other benefits.

At RSB we sell this and other Solutions on a sale and rental basis and help with the entire content preparation or adaptation process. Do you already convinced? Contact us and get to know more about our services!

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