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3 Facts about the Hanging Hologram Backpack


You still don’t know the Suspended Hologram Backpack solution and are you looking for a differentiating solution for the dissemination of your products? We explain how it all works! 😉


What is the Hologram Hanging Backpack?

As its name implies, it is a backpack solution that, through a holographic fan, simulates the projection of images, video, lettering and animated logos, in a personalized and holographic way.

This is an excellent strategy to implement in your business or in your communication. But if you’re still not completely convinced, get to know 3 facts about the 3D Holographic Fan Backpack:

1. It is a very differentiating solution due to its innovative communication power.

It easily draws attention with its most unusual appearance and captivates by the real-time transmission of videos, images, lettering and logos, while you are taking a simple walk, for example!

2. It is controllable through a simple mobile application.

Easy, don’t you think? 😊 This is also a way to customize the content at your own discretion and even change it as desired.

3. It has an acrylic protection.

As such, it is a solution that can be used in different spaces: indoors, outdoors, shopping centers, parks, gardens, etc.



Now yes, we are sure that you are already convinced with our Hologram Backpack. At RSB we sell this solution on a sale and rental basis and help with the entire content preparation or adaptation process! 😊

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