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Design and Innovation: The SITACO Stand that Transformed Floors into Art

Challenge accepted: transforming the SITACO booth at FIL in Lisbon into a runway for the future!

The Floor is the Stage:

When it comes to floors and coverings, we often forget that the ground beneath our feet can be much more than a functional surface. With this mindset, we embarked on a mission to create a booth that not only displayed products but also told a visually captivating story.

Refined Design:

The stand design was conceived as a work of art in itself. Modern lines, colors evoking elegance, and exquisite finishes were carefully chosen to create an environment that not only reflected the quality of the floors and coverings but also sparked the imagination of visitors.

Technology in Service of Elegance:

Here is where RSB once again came into action, introducing a series of digital solutions that elevated the booth to new heights. Floating holograms dancing in the air, showcasing floor patterns and designs in ways never seen before. The Transparent LED Wall added a dynamic visual dimension, while the Transparent Screen allowed the products to shine without visual obstacles.

Holographic Fans: A Breeze of Innovation

The holographic fans brought an extra layer of magic to the booth, creating movement patterns that seemed to float in the air. It was as if innovation itself was in the air, adding a mesmerizing touch to the visual experience.

Captivating Content:

We couldn’t overlook the importance of engaging content to fuel our digital solutions. Each hologram, every projection on the LED Wall, was carefully planned to highlight the unique features of floors and coverings, providing visitors with an immersive experience.

Visitor Reaction: A Captivating Success.

The stand was not just an exhibition space; it was a destination. Visitors not only explored the products but were invited to dive into a world where design, technology, and elegance merged in surprising ways.

A Pause to Admire the Beauty Beneath Our Feet.

We were amazed at how floors and coverings can be much more than practical elements. They can be the canvas where innovation and design converge to create something truly exceptional

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