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Fernando Pessoa in the Holobox: The Revolution at the AAFP Party

The most ‘out of the box’ party we helped create for AAFP – Academic Association of Fernando Pessoa, which decided to take the celebration to the next level… or rather, to the next hologram!

Fernando Pessoa, the Unexpected Guest:

Imagine this scene: an academic party where the illustrious Fernando Pessoa decides to make an appearance, not in the flesh, but in holographic form! Yes, our Holobox made that possible. Fernando Pessoa dancing and cheering up the party was the surprise that all students never knew they needed.

The Gateway to Fun:

Our Holobox became a magical portal to a dimension where the academic party reached epic levels. Who would have thought that a writer from the last century could become the king of the holographic dance floor?

More than Applause:

The students’ reactions were priceless. From laughter to enthusiastic applause, Fernando Pessoa’s holographic presence added a touch of humor to the party that everyone will remember for the rest of their academic days.

When History Meets Holography:

This unique experience is a testament to how technology can transform academic events. Fernando Pessoa celebrating with students in hologram not only broke the barriers of time but also the barriers between history and modern fun.

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