Rheumatology Congress in Algarve | Stand Medac

Medac impressed with its Stand at the Rheumatology Congress, in Algarve. The secret? The incorporation of one of the RSB Digital Solutions.

Medac’s Stand featured a 3D Holographic Fan that projects completely personalized content developed by RSB, to better respond to the brand’s communication needs.

Medac is a German pharmaceutical company, based in Hamburg, which specializes in the production of medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases. Currently, Medac also has a strong presence in the area of autoimmune diseases, with drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

The company was present at the 2021 Rheumatology Congress with a Stand with an incorporated holographic solution. The Results speak for themselves!

The implementation of holographic solutions is a simple way to elevate your stand, at RSB we are dedicated to producing personalized and differentiating stands through a careful design adapted to the brand and event and the incorporation of digital solutions, which guarantee to make your stand the center of attention.

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