RSB at Non Fungible Conference

At RSB we are experts in surprising… and that’s what happened with our Holographic Showcase, which was present at the Non Fungible Conference, a conference about NFT’s.

This time, the emphasis was given to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa project, through the Faz Mossa agency, Artentik, which consisted in the creation of NFT’s of pieces from the São Roque Museum.

The first European NFT conference

The city of Lisbon hosted, on the 4th and 5th of April, the Non Fungible Conferece, the first European conference on NFTs. These, also called non-fungible tokens, are unique collectible cryptoassets and represent something unique, which cannot be copied or replicated. In general, they are digital content, in 2D or 3D that work as unique and irreplaceable assets, so when you buy an NFT, you have full ownership of it, which is validated by a digital certificate of ownership.

Holographic Showcase - NFT's at Non Fungible Conference

But what is the difference between NFT’s and cryptocurrencies anyway?

The big difference in its functionality, that is, while a traditional cryptocurrency (digital currency), such as Bitcoin, can be replaced by other assets of the same kind, NFT’s are unique, as if they were an exclusive work of art, for example.

This time we make our material available for the dissemination of pieces from the São Roque Museum in NFT’s format, but the next project could be yours! If you were curious about this new technology, RSB has the ideal solution for you!

Holographic Showcase - NFT's at Non Fungible Conference

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