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SIL Fair – Lisbon | Stand JPS Group

RSB was responsible for the production, assembly and logistics of the JPS Group stand. In addition, we implemented some of our Digital Solutions, such as the 115 cm, 85 cm 3D Holographic Fan, the 30 cm Portable 3D Holographic Fan, the P3mm LED Wall and the 75″ LED TV screens that helped to publicize some of the projects of the JPS Group.


The SIL fair, Salão Imobiliário de Lisboa, took place from the 12th to the 15th of May, where its visitors were in direct contact with the most recent marketplace in the real estate sector. There were four days full of exhibitions, business opportunities, conferences and networks on the subject.

3D Holographic Fan - JPS Group Stand

At RSB we develop differentiating and innovative turnkey stands, which meet the request of each client, combining their functionality with the visual impact that our Digital and interactive Solutions provide. We follow your development from the design, construction, transport, assembly and logistics of each Stand, to make them even more captivating! We operate both in the national and international markets.

Portable 3D Holographic Fan - Stand JPS Group

Led TV Screens - JPS Group

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