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Suspended Hologram in the New Lay’s Display by RSB: 3D Creativity

At RSB, we are always seeking innovative and creative ways to help our clients stand out. Recently, we had the honor of collaborating with Lay’s, part of the PepsiCo group, to transform their display at Continente de Telheiras in Lisbon into a true attraction with our 3D Holographic Fan.

3D Holographic Fan: The Star of the Show

Imagine a 3D hologram that appears to float in the air, capturing the attention of everyone around. That’s exactly what our 3D Holographic Fan does. With its LED light technology, it manipulates and “plays” with the viewer’s perception, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion.

When Lay’s approached us, we knew we needed to create something that reflected the brand’s energy and innovation. The 3D Holographic Fan was the perfect choice. In addition to being a powerful promotional tool due to the visual impact it creates, it brings a futuristic and modern touch to Lay’s display.

3D Content: Unlimited Creativity

To maximize the impact of the 3D Holographic Fan, we also created all the 3D content for the display. Creating these contents was a fun challenge as we needed to capture the essence of Lay’s products in an engaging and memorable way.

The Installation: Turning Ideas into Reality

After creating the 3D content, our team took care of installing the equipment at Continente de Telheiras. The assembly was meticulous, ensuring that every detail was perfect. After all, when it comes to holograms, even the slightest deviation can break the illusion. But, as always, our team did an impeccable job, and the result was a display that truly stood out in the retail environment.

A Display that Makes a Difference

The new Lay’s display is not just a point of sale; it’s an experience. With the 3D Holographic Fan creating a continuous visual spectacle and the 3D content elevating the presentation of products to a new level, we managed to turn a simple shelf into a real attraction.

At RSB, we believe that innovation knows no bounds. Working with Lay’s on the Continente de Telheiras display was proof that with creativity and technology, we can transform any space into an unforgettable visual experience.

If you want your brand to shine too, talk to us. We’re ready to take your ideas to new heights! And remember, when you see that hologram floating in the supermarket aisle, you can bet that RSB was behind that magic!

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