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We were present at the Web Summit with Mind Source!

With the beginning of November, the Mind Source challenged us to be present at the Web Summit (which took place in Lisbon from the 1st to the 4th of November) with the help of our Digital Solutions: o Muppi Digital and 3D Hologaphic Fan 115 cm! 😉

The Digital Mupi Solution allows a more interactive communication, through its multitiuch screen, differentiating and even more fun! Since it can function as an information point, the Mind Source implemented its new application in this solution and the magic, during its dissemination, happened!

Mupi Digital - Web Summit

With our 115 cm 3D Holographic Fan, through the projection of your 3D image, we help to publicize the new solution launched, which was also in focus at this congress.

3D Holographic Fan - Web Summit

This is Omnichannel Insights 360, which according to this company is “a solution designed to improve the Customer Experience through the single Customer View and the Customer Journey – a simplified view, aggregating and exploring customer data in the various channels, quickly, simply and completely autonomous for the Business user”. This product, in just 3 steps, aggregates the data from the various channels available, passing them through automatic data quality processes, finally presenting various information with the main market trends, namely customers, events, sales and vision products. of the customer and the customer journey in a fast and agile way!

Web Summit is the biggest technology event in the world and we are proud to be present with this collaboration!😊

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