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The 12 main fairs and events where RSB was present

Choosing a way to advertise your product may not be an easy task, it’s true! But have you thought about solutions such as, for example, having a stand at fairs related to your business area? This is really a wonderful world where you can make your products known to a large number of people and even an excellent way to get new customers. Perfect, don’t you think? 😊

Added to this, just the fact of having a stand that will help you in the entire process of dissemination, creativity and differentiation that is so sought after today!

At RSB we present digital and interactive solutions for stands that captivate and are known precisely for their differentiating factor. We add to this the fact that each stand is completely personalized and unique according to what each client wants. The most surprising thing is that we were able to associate our digital solutions with this space.

Have we managed to convince you a little more to bet on this world? To help even more, we present you the 12 main fairs and events in which we already operate:

  1. Wire & Tube Fair – Wire & Tube is an international fair and is considered the most important for all companies working in the steel sector. Here new trends, technologies and innovations that bring the best development to this sector will be presented.

In the last edition of this fair, we were challenged by Ferpinta to travel to Germany with the creation and construction of a completely customized stand:

Red and white stand with sofas and Ferpinta ledwall

  1. Expodentária – this is the largest and most important national fair for dental equipment and material, where the most recognized brands in the sector are represented. Several specialists in the area of dentistry are also present at this fair for some events, sessions and lectures on the subject in focus!

Here is the result of the last stand we created and produced for Foquim Dental, which was present at Expodentária:

White stand with blue led light

  1. Expocarne – the Expocarne fair is a professional fair for machinery and equipment for the meat industry and associated logistics. This is an important fair for manufacturers, importers and distributors of machinery and equipment in this sector to present their new products and services!

In the last edition of Expocarne, we were challenged by Tecnopack and we traveled to Batalha with the creation and construction of another stand:

stand black and green

  1. MCE – The MCE (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort) is an international expo conference that is related to air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary techniques, water treatment and hydrosanitary services, where new technologies applied for comfort, efficiency and energy saving are presented.

The last edition of MCE took place in Italy and we traveled there with Heliroma. This was the final result of the stand we created and produced:

Stand with details in green, black and gray


  1. Expomecânica – This is a fair associated with the car aftermarket, which presents innovations and solutions in the areas of parts and systems, accessories, repair and maintenance, IT and car service station management. Thus, it is an ideal way to promote products and services for this sector, as well as present new market trends, boost sales, strengthen the brand image, analyze the competition and retain and win new customers.

Challenged by MCoutinho, we were present at Expomecânica:

MCoutinho stand with structure

  1. Intertraffic – This is the largest global fair that presents what is most innovative in terms of safety and traffic management. Here are presented new services in this sector that promote the best quality of life, mobility and safety for all!

In its last edition, we were challenged by Mobilis and traveled to Holland with the creation and construction of another stand:

White and green stand with TV

  1. Web Summit – The Web Summit is considered Europe’s largest technology conference. Since 2016, this conference has been held in Portugal, more specifically in Lisbon, and annually brings together people and companies globally.

HUB challenged us to be present and this was the final result of the stand we designed and built:

Stand with HUB structure

  1. Aluminum Trade Show – this is a world leading trade show and B2B platform for the aluminum industry. Solutions for automotive, mechanical, civil construction, aerospecial, electronics, packaging and transport engineering are presented here!

Challenged by Portalex, we created and built a stand that stole all the attention at this fair:

portalex white stand

  1. Tektónica – The Tektónica fair is considered to be a Marketplace for the construction sector, a privileged space for business, networking and for new products and innovations. There are 4 days full of exposure, business opportunities, commercial presentations, seminars and networking.

This was the final result of the stand we created and built for Danosa:

harmful white stand

  1. Productronica – This is considered a world leading fair in the development and production of electronic products. And of course, we were challenged by Mecalbi and traveled to Germany with the creation and construction of yet another stand!

Melcabi red and white stand

  1. EASD – This is a European Association for the Study of Diabetes and is considered a non-profit academic organisation. The main objectives of this association are to encourage and support research in the field of diabetes, the rapid dissemination of acquired knowledge and to facilitate its application.

In 2017 we were present at this event with the creation and construction of two stands:

Stand with trividia suspended structure

Stand blue and white 2 in 1

  1. Congress of the European Academy of Neurology – The objective of this congress is to bring together national citizens, institutions, doctors and researchers, offering a space for research, learning, networking and best practices for the respective patients.

RSB was pleased to be present at the 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology with Natus, for whom we created and built a stand:

Stand da Natus

Visitors Stand Natus

Were you curious about this world of fairs and are you already imagining a stand for the next editions of the fairs presented? We explain how you can create your stand here! 😊

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