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The Power of Word of Mouth Advertising – Transparent Screen

I’m sure you’ve heard of word of mouth advertising, this is a concept long coveted by the company since it’s free promotion, but is it still effective?

The answer is yes and RSB has the ideal solution for you to get the best out of this type of advertising.

Philip Kotler, known as the father of marketing, states in his book Marketing 4.0 (2016) that, nowadays, people rely less on traditional means of promotion and more on recommendations that come from within their social circle. Which is essentially just a fancy way of saying that the famous word of mouth advertising is not only still effective, it’s also extremely relevant.

But how can you make them not shut up about your product or brand?

The answer is simple, communicate in a memorable way.

Offering a quality product or service is imperative for consumers to recommend it, but the first step in ensuring that your brand is talked about is to make it known in a way that stands out from the others.

Every day the consumer is faced with an immense amount of brands. On television, on the bus, at the exhibitors. Wherever you turn, there are brands competing for your attention. Luckily for you with our digital clear screen solution, standing out is easy!

The transparent LCD Display works as a product display, with the benefit of custom graphical animations implemented that interact with the product.

This system, which consists of a video inserted into a transparent television, is ideal for different types of events, whether corporate, congresses, social events, and can also serve as decoration.

We assure you, with complete transparency, that with our Transparent Screen solution you will give your audience something to talk about.

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