What is augemented reality?

The advancement of technology and the constant search for new innovative methods have led to the development of systems that allow us to increase the reality in which we live.

Then arises Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that integrates interactive digital elements, created by a computer, – such as visual overlays, haptic feedback or other sensory projections – in space in real time. The image thus ensures that the user improves their perception of the world around them.

At the moment it is one of the biggest trends in technology and, despite the developments being considerably recent, it attracts more and more interest from the public all over the world. AR emerged allied to industry and with it it developed significantly, but currently it is found in several areas, from medicine to entertainment, design, education and architecture. This type of technology helps companies create relevant and interactive consumer experiences.

RSB has this solution and works in a completely customized way on various types of supports and concepts.