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9 tips for those who venture into the world of Fairs and Exhibitions

We warn you now that the “ember” we bring to our sardines is that you should leave this to professionals like us. The wonderful world of Trade Show Stands is complex, elaborate and laborious. It’s still wonderful and beautiful, but it takes work and if you establish a relationship of trust with the agency you choose (hopefully with ours!) life will be much easier.

Now, there are those who want to venture out ontheir own in the Fairs. So far so good. It is valid that this is the strategy you adopt. Depending on the flow of participations, budget, capacity for initiative and entrepreneurship, you can give up the services of a communication agency. If this is your chosen path, be prepared. We don’t want the adventure to be doomed from the start, so we share with you some guidelines in the form of advice. Roll up your sleeves and cheer up!

Large stands

1. Bet on the right look. The stand is the mirror of your company, the business card par excellence, the invitation to “come in and meet us”. Keep the focus on the end goal set for that particular exposure. Focus your attention on the conscious choice of colors, images, products, technology and surroundings that reflect the image you want to convey about your company.

2. Remember: small is also beautiful. To exhibit is to aim big and not, to spend big. Making the decision as to the space you want to purchase can prove to be a challenge; don’t sacrifice the purpose of the stand by focusing on how big it has to be. Slightly smaller stands are sometimes more effective.

3. Rehearse. If possible, try setting up the stand before the big day. Practice the assembly time and keep the perspective of the space it will occupy. The essay helps to understand what needs to be included and what is too much.

4. Tell people what you want. The preparation meeting with the construction team is of paramount importance. Clearly explain your goals and make sure everyone understands where you want to go.

5. Be creative. Try playing with lights, sounds and images, digital presentations, posters and vinyls. Complete a circuit around the stand to see what the visitor sees – up close and from a distance. Make sure there isn’t too much text to read (it doesn’t work from a distance) and that there’s no visual overload.

6. Stick to the budget. Exhibiting at several fairs does not imply that you purchase new materials for each of them. Evaluate equipment that you have used before and that you can reuse.

7. Talk to the organization of the event. Make sure the organizer understands the nature of your business and your immediate needs. The place you are assigned can guarantee that you reach your target audience. Present your requirements in advance and negotiate with the organizer for the best possible location at the price you are willing to pay.

8. Build the right team. Carefully choose your team members. Many exhibitors bet on a “hook” or “hook” element, someone who attracts visitors to the stand, others value the “spotter”, the one who directly approaches the visitors and leads them to the stand. If you don’t have any of the above, don’t worry. Make sure you have an active, friendly and available team.

9. Don’t forget to spread the word! After creating that fantastic stand, don’t forget to tell the world that you are going to participate in a certain Fair. Load banners on your website inviting customers to visit, send out flyers and newsletters the week before the event. Partner with the organization’s outreach and work closely with them to increase publicity and visibility. Really try to create a link between your company and the event itself.