A matter of lettering

If for many, graffiti is not an art form, tagging – quick definition: drawing name or signature using spray – is simply horrendous. It does not require mastery and is a form of self-representation, unlike graffiti, which, being urban art, can be seen as a form of expression of a socio-political theme.

There are municipalities that spend lots of money to cover the walls of their cities only to see them tagged again in a short time. But there are those who have realized that graffiti is truly a work of art and that among graffiti artists there is a kind of code of honor: what one writer (as artists are called) paints, another cannot paint. So, initiatives such as the one that the Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos is promoting. He invited national and foreign writers to create works in public buildings and with this gesture of democratization of street art, they are also betting on the tourist dynamization of the city.

Large Graffiti on the Side of a Building in Matosinhos

Colored Graffiti on the Side of a Building in Matosinhos

Go back to tags. Because they are almost always illegible, they are considered irritating and even more hateful.

Mathieu Tremblin tried to solve this from the inability to read tags. The French artist, considered by many to be at the forefront of urban art experimentation, converts ugly letters into readable messages.

Here, we liked the idea.

Examples of Tagging and Reinterpretation by Mathieu Tremblin