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Expodentária Portugal 2022 | Stand Foquim Dental

At RSB we like challenges and we rolled up our sleeves with the construction of a stand for Foquim Dental! Thus, we were present in Lisbon, more specifically at FIL, where Expodentária Portugal 2022 took place!

As in the previous year, RSB was in charge of all stages of development of the Foquim Dental stand, from design, construction, transport, assembly and disassembly!

This space had a cleaner and more discreet design, in order to frame the visual identity of the brand, which made it possible to implement a wider space, which allowed our customers to place all kinds of products related to their market!

Stand Foquim Dental_equipamentos

Stand Foquim Dental_3

In addition, and as it should be, we make a difference with the implementation of our Digital Solutions! With two 115 cm 3D Holographic Fans and two 3D Portable Holographic Fan we made sure that, as if by magic, the Foquim Dental icons and logo were floating in the air, which caused a strong visual impact!

Stand Foquim Dental_pórtico

Stand Foquim Dental_visitantes

Do you idealize a stand but don’t know how to put it into practice? At RSB we help you through the whole process!

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