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Let’s talk about Holograms?

Despite not being new, holograms continue to cause surprise and admiration! After all, how is it possible to create a 3D levitating image? Why does this type of communication become a strong brand activation for your company?

At RSB we have the answers you are looking for! We only ask for a few minutes of your attention! 😉

But what is a hologram anyway?

The hologram is a virtual three-dimensional image, which is created from the interference of light beams that “reflect” physical objects. This technology preserves all properties of the real object, including its depth.

Man holding a Hologram of a globe in his hand

These are great for presenting more complex technical concepts in a simple way, and even for exposing products in an attractive and differentiating way.

How does holographic technology work?

Holographic technology is a method that creates an optical illusion in objects, projecting a 3D image, which achieves the effect of suspension in the air. This type of solution allows you to give three-dimensionality to everything that surrounds you, from photographs, videos, characters that are in your imagination, among many other 2D/3D projects that you want to give a more personalized life.

Nowadays, holographic technology is already used in different ways and for different purposes, the most common being:

  • Brand Activation: Product holograms aim to attract customers’ attention, as the 3D image of a product makes it visible through all its faces.
  • Entertainment: in shows and representations of celebrities who have won a milestone in history.
  • Telecommunications: it is already possible to make holographic calls using 5G technology.
  • Education: this is the sector that has the most to gain from holograms, as they make it possible to transmit knowledge and teach in a much more dynamic way through three-dimensional images.

What is our top 3 Hologram examples?


#1- 3D Holographic Fan

Our number 1 choice is a digital solution with a strong dissemination tool, due to the visual impact it causes when projecting a 3D image. Using led light technology as a resource, this Hologram moves and plays with the viewer’s perception.

#2- Holographic Fogscreen Projection

With this Hologram, is it right to say that you will achieve an innovative and impactful visual effect, and how? Because with this digital solution it is possible to project images from a water vapor rear projection.

#3- Holographic Showcase

The Holographic Showcase closes our top 3 due to its ability to enhance the communication of different products and their brands. This digital solution transmits the product in an impressive way, giving the impression that there is an image floating inside the pyramid, with movements and animations always developed in a personalized way.

What can you expect from this technology in the future?

What the future holds will always be an unknown, however, it is possible to ensure that Holograms will be increasingly potentiated.

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