RSB – Web Summit

Custom Stand de:hub - Web Summit

Last year, Lisbn hosted the Web Summit for the fist time in Portugal. It was so good that it once again hosted the biggest conference on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Europe, this year between the 6th and 9th of November.

This time, the attention of the technological world was turned to the Altice Arena, in the Parque das Nações area, where ideas and projects were presented that fascinated even the brightest minds.

RSB is proud to have been associated with this global event of undeniable relevance through the design of the stand of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy.

With simple lines but complex construction, the stand should be large, make an impact, create an area where visitors could move freely, exploring the technology available to make known the de:hub project. This is a project that aims to support the development of digital centers in 12 German cities. The idea is to encourage the cooperation of companies and investors, startups and large technology and science companies to create digital hubs (incubators) similar to what is already happening in the United States, in Silicon Valley.

Returning to the note that would serve as inspiration for our team, it is important to discover that in the center of the stand a table was placed with the three-dimensional cutout of the country and at the points that marked each of the 12 cities that complete the network of the digital ecosystem were printed icons that interacted with ipads in charge of presenting each of the centers in the de:hub network.

Get to know the stand designed by RSB for the German State that was represented in 2017 at the Web Summit.

RSB – outSTANDing!