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Stand Mobilis at Intertraffic 2024: Innovation in the Spotlight

RSB had the privilege to design and build the Mobilis stand, which, besides being functional, was a true success. Our goal was clear: translate the essence of Mobilis into a space that reflected innovation and creativity in every detail.

Mobilis, a Brazilian company passionate about technology and innovation, made its mark with a stand that captured everyone’s attention, standing out in the world of mobility and technology at the Intertraffic 2024 fair held in Amsterdam.

An Extraordinary Touch of Technology

To add an extra touch of modernity and engagement to the Mobilis stand, we incorporated one of our most impactful digital solutions: the Transparent LED Wall. This modular transparent LED video structure is a true revolution in visual communication. With up to 80% transparency, it allows for clear and creative content transmission, adding a touch of sophistication and prominence to the environment.

Creative and exquisite design

The stand design was meticulously planned not only to reflect the identity of Mobilis but also to create an inviting and technological atmosphere. With clean lines, strategic lighting, and standout elements, we managed to create a space that stood out among others at Intertraffic 2024.

An Experience that Leaves a Mark

Na RSB, we believe that trade show booths are not just physical spaces; they are experiences that leave a mark and engage. With Mobilis, our mission was successfully accomplished, providing a booth that not only represented the company memorably but also left a lasting impression on all visitors.

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