Video Production in 2D / 3D Animation | Bio Direction

RSB produced videos in 2D / 3D animation with custom animations on the theme “Bioresidues” for the agency Bio Rumo.

These animations aim to teach young people what composting is and instill sustainable habits, in an accessible and fun way.

Through colorful characters and dynamic animation, a 2D / 3D animated film was developed that promises to capture the attention of young people, while taking them on an adventure that promises to teach them more about the composting process and the correct way to dispose of biowaste. The result is 2D/3D videos that are both captivating and didactic.

Another step towards creating a future generation with greater environmental awareness and RSB is delighted to contribute to this cause.


The short and educational videos present the mascot of this Porto Ambiente project, “Cascas”, explaining the essentials about Bio waste.


We certainly achieved “excited” results!

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