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A’ Design Award & Competition – Tasteful sellers

The winners of the A’ Design Award & Competition 2016-2017 have been announced and here at RSB we are in awe because it’s the kind of things that are good for those who love design. This is, moreover, a subject that is very dear to us and seems inexhaustible. It is present in everything around us and we recently addressed the presence of design on Instagram with a post that you can remember here.

As for these awards, they were born from the need to create awareness of good design practices and serve as an incentive for designers, brands and companies to create services and systems that aim to contribute to a better world.

A’Design emphasizes products and projects that offer added value, enhance utility, new functionality, superior aesthetics, exceptional efficiency, greater sustainability and outstanding performance.

The prizes are divided into more than 100 categories and there is so much to choose from…!

We chose to compile a list of winners of some categories that we consider…let’s!

Get tp know some of winners in the Packaging category:

Little Pocket

Little Pocket – Dong Jiang


Marais Piano Cake (Pastry Packaging) – Kazuaki Kawahara

Funny honey (honey packaging) – Lu Zhao & Jian Zhang & Lin Huang & Tingyue Yan

Pasta Nikita – Nikita Konkin

a highlight for one of the winners in the Fashion and Apparel category:

The Travel Bra (soutien anti-roubo) – Dr. Annie Holden & Brenda Barnett

…winners in the Furniture, Decorative Objects and Kitchen Utensils category

Teanochio (chás e infusões) – Soroush Vahidian & Mohammad

Multifunctional chair – Yong Zhang & Ya-nan Shi

Feather (support desk)- Apiwat Chitapanya

Multifunctional chair – Yi-an Hung

…from the Vehicles, Mobility and Transport category we want to show you:

Gita Robotic Vehicle – Greg Lynn

…what about this winner in the Sports, Entertainment and Leisure Equipment category?

Velo sock – Gvido Bajars

This movie theater was one of the winners in the Interior, Commercial and Exhibition Spaces category:

Recrystallization (cinema room) – Yang Wang & Hao Nin

To close the list, which is already long, we want to leave the Organic House solution that won one of the gold medals in the Architecture, Structures and Buildings category:

Organic House – Javier Senosiain & Daniel Arredondo